Meet Goumbook’s Partners for the Planting Programme

When Goumbook started the Give a Ghaf Tree Planting Program, we wanted to source the seeds locally and to be able to plant them in a protected area where the plants could grow safely.

The Environment & Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) in Sharjah, who’s former General Director is part of Goumbook’s Advisory Board, aims to protect the environment, the wildlife and the associated biological diversity, conserving the natural resources and ensuring their optimal utilization for the benefit of the present and future generations. EPAA came on board of the Give a Ghaf initiative by generously supplying the first Ghaf seeds, part of their biological diversity bank.

Greenworks is Goumbook’s main partner in the Give a Ghaf Program: each plant in Greenworks is diligently tended to by a team of 60 experts who secure the adequate temperature, wind and soil consistency for every leaf on the premises. Greenworks is different from anything else currently on offer in the UAE. Located within the Al Barari development in Nada Al Sheba, Greenworks provide high level services from the growing of plants and trees, to landscape design, construction and maintenance, as well as seasonal services for both indoor and outdoor plants. For almost ten years, Greenworks has exclusively serviced Al Barari, carefully nurturing the lush greenery that makes up 80% of this unique eco-conscious development. Now, Greenworks has joined Goumbook to welcome individuals, groups and corporations to share the passion for nature, plants and environmental sustainability.”